Thursday, February 14, 2008


Hey everyone!

I've been on this silly internet for 18 years now and I really don't have a blog.. so I'm fixing it. Well, I've had postings here and there, but that's mostly rambling, venting, or telling slightly embarrassing funny stories that make friends proud and parents cry. You know the type.

Eventually I'll use this to post musings and other thoughts about what I do for a living - Web Analytics. It's a fun, crazy, turn a jumble of information into gold, make sense of nothing, many hat wearing kind of job. Today I did a tagging document, kicked off a small usability study (using web analytics), and even found bugs on a site (as I was seeing what tags were missing/wrong). Things are rarely boring in this line of work, and if they do happen to slow a little, there's always some point of curiosity that makes you go "hmm.." and you can dive head first into the pool of razor blades that is web data and come out with something to show for it (besides the cuts and bruises).

If you have any questions about web analytics, metrics, google analytics, webtrends, or anything like that, please feel free to ask. If I did something smart like link this account to my gmail, I may even know that you wrote me. Otherwise, expect an answer sometime in Q2 '08 when I likely log back in and realize I have a message waiting.


mymo said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. If you ever want a laugh, check out my very first attempt at analytics blogging here first blog

Bryan Cristina said...

Heh, Beg much? :)

It's more hilarious I've now seen two of your comments hyperlinked improperly :D